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by Irina Radchenko

7 Social Media Marketing Trends For IT Pros

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Information technology professionals need to follow social media trends: social business, internal collaboration, content marketing, listening, big data & compliance.

Marty Note
IT pros are important marketing allies. I know more about database structure and code than is comfortable for a right brain marketing guy, but I understood IT was influencing marketing and vice versa. It is helpful when IT become believers too.

This article may help your IT team become believers in social media marketing. The article is an excellent summary of key social trends that impact IT such as:

* Money will continue to flow toward SMM.
* We are moving from SMM to Social Business.

* Enterprise Social Media for internal collaboration is becoming important.

* Content is flooding over the sandbags and the pace is picking up.

* Listening is at least as important in SMM as talking.

* Read about BIG DATA it is here now thanks to SMM.

* SMM brings new compliance rules with each social net.

That last one, social media marketing is full of hidden compliance issues, is worth thinking about. Each social network has stated and unstated “rules of the road”. Step on a crack and you can break your website’s back, so it is important for your IT staff to know what is a No No on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

If your IT group are allies congratulations. If you are in IT SMM is inevitable and important. Your role in your company’s SMM success can’t be over stated. Without IT pros marketers like me are trees falling in the forest with no one there to hear them (or buy them :). Just as I’ve become more familiar with tech issues the best IT pros I know are learning marketing. This aticle will help IT pros understand 7 highly important SMM trends.

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